Aleksandra Gavric Counselling Services Inc. offers therapy for anxiety using different types of treatments that are personalized to the unique needs of each patient. Aleksandra’s approach is always kind, compassionate, and focused on meeting each patient where they are in order to help them move forward. If you’re suffering from anxiety, Aleksandra Gavric is here to help.

Targeted Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is a natural emotion that can warn you of either real or perceived danger. However, it can also be counterproductive and trap you in cycles that can feel overwhelming. Anxiety has the potential to keep you from operating at full capacity, and even cause you to experience physical ailments. With the help of therapy, you can learn to better understand your feelings and how to combat negative thoughts and behavior patterns. When you begin to understand the core issues that lead to anxious thoughts and distress, you can confront your anxiety and begin to engage with the world around you in a positive way.

Whether you prefer an in-person appointment or you’d like to use our online therapy services, you can rest assured that Aleksandra Garvic will make you feel comfortable and at ease. Contact us today to learn more about the anxiety counselling we offer or to book an appointment.