Virtual EMDR

Virtual EMDR

Painful and hard-to-process memories are a large part of why people seek counseling. If you’ve been through a traumatic event or have memories that you’re not sure how to unpack, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) can help. At Aleksandra Gavric Counselling Services Inc., Aleksandra Gravic specializes in this type of therapy to effectively help patients work through memories that have not been fully processed or are hard to recall.

What Is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, often referred to as EMDR, is a type of psychotherapy that stimulates memory processing by the natural action of eye movement. EMDR follows a step-by-step process to get to the root cause of pain and negative feelings. Founded by Dr. Francine Shapiro in the 1990s, EMDR is a popular form of therapy.

What Conditions Can EMDR Be Used To Treat?

Not advisable for physiologically-based disorders such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, EMDR is best suited for people who have emotional disorders that are directly related to traumatic or distressing experiences and memories. Often, people who have experienced childhood trauma, personal tragedy, combat, or some form of abuse find EMDR the most helpful form of therapy.

Why Is EMDR So Effective?

Part of Dr. Shaprio’s findings when developing EMDR was the connection between eye movement and memory processing. Traumatic events have the ability to essentially freeze your brain which hinders your ability to process memories as you normally would. EMDR gives you the tools to access your unprocessed memories and lessen the emotional impact. When you’re able to work through the memories you have that are tied to fear, distress, and anger, you can reprogram your brain and eliminate the associated pain.

How Quickly Does EMDR Work?

Reported as one of the most effective forms of therapy, EMDR can produce results after your first session. Everyone’s experiences and emotional conditions vary, so there’s no guarantee for how quickly it will help you. However, most people notice a significant difference after a few EMDR sessions. Patients who have gone through EMDR treatments also report that they’ve experienced deeper effectiveness with this treatment compared to others, and report a more significant decrease in symptoms related to their trauma.

The positive effects of EMDR can be life-altering and long-lasting. If you think you would benefit from EMDR, contact Aleksandra Gavric Counselling Services Inc. today. Aleksandra takes a personalized, compassionate approach to therapy to ensure each individual patient’s needs are met, and she would be honored to work with you.